#GreenPeopleTO was created to address the lack of social events for young environmentalists in the city of Toronto. We are a group of twenty-somethings that see a lot of potential in bringing together the young (and young-ish) green people of this beautiful city for a low-cost night of good conversation and making new friends!

Our first series of events is called SUP: A Social, Undefined Plan.

Toronto is a huge hub for environmental professionals but many recent graduates from environmental programs are having difficulty getting into the industry. It can be very stressful and while green networking events can be really fun, it can also be hard to enjoy yourself with all the pressure to find employment.

We like to think of SUP as more of a social than a networking event, but it’s a great way to get to know people studying and working on the same issues you are passionate about, bounce ideas around, and gain insight on opportunities in different sectors.

The purpose of SUP is simple: we provide a venue and cheap beer. You bring yourself (and like-minded friends) to meet other young people who want to see a more sustainable world.

Don’t work in the green sector? Not a problem!
Never attended a green event before? Let this be your first!
Want to join the environmental community? This is for you!
Need a job?…have another beer 🙂

This is a free event and we look forward to meeting everyone on February 6th!

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page


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