The SUPosium!

SUPosium Banner1 Our next official event has arrived! In two weeks, on Thursday, July 17th, we will be hosting the SUPosium back in Harvest Noon. In our continuing effort to strengthen Toronto’s environmental community, the SUPosium brings #GreePeopleTO events into more uncharted territory (for us). The SUPosium will provide SNACKS! Yes, snacks! These snacks shall also be joined by the unassuming community building opportunities that we have become known for as well as a few short talks from some of Toronto’s vibrant sustainability scene. Following the general theme of these events, our guests, who include Lawrence Alvarez of the Toronto Tool Library, will be speaking on the importance of community within environmentalism and how strong connections with those around you can lead directly to more sustainable actions.

Doors open at 7pm. The discussion will start around 7:30pm and will last for approximately an hour. Then it’s time to relax, have a beer, and chat with some of Toronto’s best environmental minds about whatever you like!

And as always… Don’t work in the green sector? Not a problem! Never attended a green event before? Let this be your first! Want to join the environmental community? This is for you! Need a job?…have another beer.

We’re excited to announce that Cliff Davidson, Executive Director of the Toronto Urban Photography Festival (TUPF), will be joining our lineup of speakers! While TUPF has a focus on photography, events are very diverse and interdisciplinary. This is their second year of hosting the festival and of interest to our environmentally-minded audience, they’ve branched out to include a talk on nature in the city and photography, and invited the Toronto Green Community to lead a Lost Rivers photowalk. This year’s “CommUnity” theme is also highly relevant, and we’re excited for Cliff to share his experiences!

The SUPosium!

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