Community Matters: Join us at the CSI Holiday Pop-Up Market!

Community matters. This was the fundamental belief that drove GreenPeopleTO into fruition last December, and it has been what’s kept us going throughout this crazy year. And it’s why we are thrilled to have our last event of the year be in (SUP)port of the Centre for Social Innovation Holiday Pop-Up Market!

We started this project with the goal of simply creating a space to bring people interested in the environment together to have a good time. This goal has lead us to seven Toronto events and one bus trip to the largest Climate Rally ever. But if you haven’t found time to make it out to one of our events yet (of if you have and want to come to another one), here are three reasons why the CSI Holiday Pop-Up Market is the time to join us!

 1) Get Sustainable, Local Gifts: In today’s world is basically impossible to know and understand the complete supply chain of things that you buy, and harder still to find stuff that can be considered even remotely sustainable. The Pop-up market is filled with reclaimed or recycled goods made by local artisans and at this moment taking advantage of the market externality of waste is about the only truly sustainable consumption that exists.

2) Have a great time: The hallmark of SUP events has always been to create a space where people can have relax and have fun, and the rest shall figure itself out. And by teaming up with the Centre for Social Innovation we’re able to go big with that idea. The event shall feature live music, a two unique gift exchanges, and plenty of beer and wine sold by the Coffee Pub.

3) Join our community: The Centre for Social Innovation is a perfect example of the power that community can have, which is why we’re stoked to be working with them. There is no barrier of entry here, no expectations of knowledge, just a pleasant atmosphere, smiling faces and the same belief that we can make the world a better place.

We’ve worked hard this year to create a space that we’re proud of and I think I can speak for the rest of our team when I say we’ve done just that. We’re super excited for what 2015 will have to bring, but before we get there join us for one last party!

Don’t work in the green sector? Not a problem!

Never attended a green event before? Let this be your first!

Want to join the environmental community? This is for you!

Need a job?…have another beer.

Community Matters: Join us at the CSI Holiday Pop-Up Market!

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