SUP September – Community Building for Sustainable (Un)Professionals

We’re baaaaaack! After a short hiatus, #GreenPeopleTO is back with another series of SUP events.

If you’re new to what we do, we’re a group of young people trying to make this big city a little more friendly for everyone and anyone interested in living in a more sustainable world – whether you’re a student, working professional, entrepreneur, or still figuring it out! We strive to keep our events as basic and accessible as possible – no cover charge, little to no agenda, and cheap beverages or BYOB.

Our September event is a BYOB event for anyone whose ever thought “huh..I kinda like this planet.”

Thursday, September 24th 6-9pm @ CSI Spadina (215 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor Lounge)

Don’t work in the green sector? Not a problem!
New to networking events? Let this be your first!
Want to join the environmental community? This is for you!
Need a job?…have another beer!



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